The Phitsanoluk Airport

I have been a few times to Phitsanoluk airport. Here is a quick rundown of the facilities there.

Do not come early

There is very little to do in Phitsanoluk airport. There is one coffee shop and one handicrafts shop. Check-in is very fast and efficient. You will have absolutely zero problems if you arrive about one hour before your flight departs.



  • ATM - yes

Walk to the terminal on arrival

Not a big deal, but you will have to walk from the airplane to the terminal. No worries, it’s about 100 meter. Once you enter the building, the luggage will be waiting on your left or will arrive in a few minutes.



Only a few planes arrive or depart every day at Phitsanoluk airport. Rest assured, every time a plane has landed, many taxi drivers are waiting. Just follow the sign to the exit.

The city center is only 10-15 minutes away. I was charged between 150 and 200 THB for an un-metered taxi.