The Phitsanoluk Airport

I have been a few times to Phitsanoluk airport. Here is a quick rundown of the facilities there. Do not come early There is very little to do in Phitsanoluk airport. There is one coffee shop and one handicrafts shop. Check-in is very fast and efficient. You will have absolutely zero problems if you arrive about one hour before your flight departs. Amenities ATM - yes Walk to the terminal on arrival Not a big deal, but you will have to walk from the airplane to the terminal.

The free shuttle bus between Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang

If you are like me, after a long flight, you want to travel fast to your final destination. However, if that destination was not Bangkok, you might need to transfer from one Bangkok airport to the other. Bangkok has two main international airports: Suvarnabhumi airport (IATA airport code BKK) - the newest and largest one. It is pronounced su-wa-na-poom, which means The Golden Land, referring to a kingdom that was east of the Ganges and maybe in South-East Asia.