How I found out that Hell is in Singapore

Boring. Perfectly patched system, WordPress content management system and plugins updated. My pentest not really going anywhere. A sysadmin from hell going wayang and falsely accusing me of a site slowdown during my obligatory wpscan (wpscan is an automated tool to find security issues in a WordPress site). Wah this guy, damn guai lan! Yes, hell is in Asia, just not in the country where I expected it to be.

The One-Armed Bitcoin Bandit

When you get tired of spending your money in one of the two Singaporean casinos why not take another gamble and buy some Bitcoin? Thanks to Bitcoin Exchange everyone in Singapore can easily get Bitcoin without the hassle of going through the Internet and opening an account with a bitcoin exchange. The Bitcoin ATM or Vending Machine is located in the Citylink mall, next to the TCC coffeee shop at #B1-26.

A Nice Catch (Prawning, Bishan Park, Singapore)

A friend of mine invited me to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon on the beaches, bars, clubs and restaurants of Sentosa Island. However, Singapore having a wet and humid climate, you better prepare for plan B, since it might start raining at any time. April is in the so-called inter-monsoon period, and thunderstorms, usually severe, occur in the early morning and afternoon. Due to the humidity, it also feels a lot hotter than it is.

Hop on a bus, Gus (Singapore - Johor Bahru)

Johor Bahru (more commonly known as JB) is the state capital of Johor and, from Singapore, is the gateway to neighbouring Malaysia when travelling by car or bus. It is a very popular destination amongst Singaporeans because most prices there – but not all, buyer beware – are about half of those in Singapore. For foreigners in Singapore the attraction is that you can go travel to JB in less than an hour and be back in no time.

Singapore Zoo: Going to the Dogs

Is the Singapore Zoo really worth a visit, or can it only be recommended to student psychologists researching the deeper dungeons of human behavior? In a common zoo, one is used to endure crying babies, monkey behavior of noisy teenagers and bickering parents before having the privilege to experience uninterested wards pointing to the smelly cages of nameless, unhappy and mostly sleeping animals. But no, as I found out, Asian families really do enjoy a visit to the Singapore zoo and the kids behaved a lot more civilised than their Western counterparts (yes, I am a parent too).

Saint Patrick’s Day (Singapore)

The Belgians (I am from Belgium) and the Irish have two things in common: they like their beers, and when, inadvertently of course, this ends in being drunk they are not usually not making too much of a fuzz and just enjoy a good time together. My friends in Public House, Singapore”) might disagree however with that last statement. The Irish in Singapore are extremely clever: they hold a Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, but not on Saint Patrick’s Day (which is on March 17th).